Writing Tips

Here are some writing tips to use…or amuse!

Establish a set writing schedule. Example: Schedule a block of time to write every day from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. (or whatever).

Sixty to 90 minute writing blocks are ideal—any longer, and most people begin to lose focus.

Don’t worry if the words don’t flow right away. It usually takes me up to 20 (or more) minutes to “warm up.”

Each paragraph should flow, basically, like this:
Main point
Confirming info
Confirming info

Use active verbs. Avoid “is”, “was”, “am”, etc.
So-so: Swirling wine in the glass is a great way to release its aroma. (verb = is)
Much better: To release the wine’s aroma, gently swirl the glass. (verb = swirl)

Put the “bop” (key thing emphasized) at the END of the sentence:
So-so: I like a Pinot Gris with a rich dish like smoked salmon rillete as the wine cuts through the fattiness of the dish.
Much better: I love a clean, non-oaky Pinot Gris to cut through the richness of a dish like smoked salmon rillete.

Don’t worry about making your writing “perfect.” Get SOMETHING down on paper, then polish, polish, polish. All writing is (really) re-writing.


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