Winning in Your Niche

Here is an article I wrote recently for the Riches in Niches blog, about content for web sites and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): … [Read more...]

Writing Tips

Here are some writing tips to use...or amuse! 1. Establish a set writing schedule. Example: Schedule a block of time to write every day from 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. (or whatever). 2. Sixty to 90 minute writing blocks are ideal—any longer, and most people begin to lose focus. 3. Don’t worry if the words don’t flow right away. It usually takes me up to 20 (or more) minutes to “warm … [Read more...]

Client Testimonial

We were thrilled to receive this testimonial from Author Ally client Jo-Ann Ross of J Ross Wine in February 2011: Writing a book has been one of my life goals. Tim readily understands what I want to accomplish with my book concept—he is an excellent listener. He is kindly “holding my hand” through the early stages of the process while I put my ideas on paper. In addition, he is an unbelievably … [Read more...]

The Life Legacy Project

Outlive Your Lifetime! No doubt you have been told countless times by your loved ones that you should write down the stories that you have shared verbally. You have probably dismissed their recommendation with statements like: “I am not a writer,” or “That costs too much money!” With our help, these objections are no longer valid!  At Author Ally, we are committed to helping the “Greatest … [Read more...]